Lena and Snowball(2019)

主演:罗伯特·克耐普 韦德·威廉姆斯 布兰斯康比·里奇蒙德 Mel 

导演:未知编剧:Sebastian Brummer/Werner Kienberger/B. Dave Walters


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Two clumsy smugglers attempt to traffic a baby white lion through a swampy wilderness and into the hands of a wealthy collector of exotic animals. Nothing goes as planned and the lion cub escapes. Luckily for the baby lion, Lena - a new girl in town longing for friendship and warmth - finds the little cub and takes it into her home. Lena names her new-found friend Snowball and the two quickly form a deep bond. But the obstacles and pitfalls are mounting from the start - Lena's dad can't find out about the new family member, the smugglers are hunting for their lost cargo and village bullies lurk around every corner. When Lena makes the mistake of letting the wrong person in on her little secret the smugglers start closing-in and things spin out of control. Will Lena be able to save her new friend from a terrible end? A comic as well as touching telling of the timeless story of friendship and the deep bond between a growing teen and a rescued animal.

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